Vietnam War MemorialWhen I came home from my tour in Vietnam in the spring of 1972, I was a mess. I looked good from the outside, but inside I was a turmoil of emotions. I had asked my fiancé to marry me while we spent a week together in Hawaii during my R&R. We got married in June of that year and my wife had no idea what she was getting into. For the first eight years of our marriage, we were beating each other up emotionally and I even physically abused her. We had two children that feared me and learned to stay away or in their own rooms when I would blow up. Many times I vacillated from a raging tyrant to a whimpering childish man because I was tormented by my experiences during the war. Since we were both raised in Christian homes we knew divorce was not an option. Our life together got more and more ugly and yet we attended church regularly. We both became involved in church leadership. People came to our house for our small group Bible study, and would sit for hours afterwards telling us their sad stories. We didn’t have any answers other than “just pray.” After five years of marriage I got a kidney disease and was hospitalized for two weeks. While there, a Christian brother told me that God wanted to heal me physically, emotionally and spiritually. The end of that year, my wife and I attended our first VMTC Prayer Ministry School in Carmichael, CA. During my session I received hope that God did care and love me personally. I continued to attend Prayer Ministry Schools until I was able to learn to help others receive freedom and healing through this wonderful tool of God. I was able to forgive those who had treated me so bad and even those who had tried to take my life. Jesus has set me free and He allows me to be used by Holy Spirit to help others receive their freedom and healing. He had even lead me through the necessary steps to become a Reverend of the Gospel. My wife of almost 38 years labors with me as we minister in a small church in the foothills of California. Rev. Lansing Waters Paloma Community Church Valley Springs, CA


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