“Bless me, O Lord” was a specific heart cry of Jacob….  It also has been the heart cry of those who love the Lord down through the ages.  The question is:  “Did the Lord bless them?  And the following question: “Did they receive their blessing and did they know it?”

As I was driving my grandson, Kelly, to School this morning (a 20 mile drive via I-75 in heavy morning traffic) I was thanking the Lord it was Thursday and for blessing me that I only had one more day.  (We have been taking care of our three youngest grandchildren while their parents are on an anniversary cruise.)  When the thought popped into my mind, “Did I not bless you the other days?”  Of course I knew the answer to the question, but I also realized “The Father” has spoken “blessing” over my life.  My problem is I so very seldom reach up and lay hold of His blessing.  The blessing does not come because I work myself into a place of needing a blessing, or I cry out to “Father” until I receive one.  “The Father” has declared a continual blessing upon me, as well as any of His children, because He has adopted us and He loves blessing His children.  It is my joy to bless my children and grandchildren, so it is our Heavenly Father’s joy to bless His children for that is His character.

Therefore, my drive involved a period of confession because I had not embraced the blessings that were there and fussed about not being blessed.  I pray I will remember the blessing is always there and will simply lay hold of the blessing, rather than fussing about not being blessed.  Praise God for His great grace and forgiveness and may we through His power keep my arms lifted up to appropriate His blessings.


Where’s The Blessing???
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