Let the sea roar and all it contains, The world and those who dwell in it. Let the rivers clap their hands, Let the mountains sing together for joy Before the Lord, for He is coming to judge the earth; He will judge the world with righteousness And the peoples with equity.” (Psalm 98:7–9, NASB95)

Do not fear these who worship the devil and try to persecute My people.  They shall be confounded.  As they sow evil, so they shall reap the evil of their ways.  But you are not to judge them.  I alone can judge, for I know the secrets of their hearts.  I judge the world with righteousness and truth.  They are part of the sin of the world, but you do not have to be a victim.  Close your heart, mind, spirit, and soul to any though-projections of others.  Let My Holy Spirit filter out all impurities, all that is contrary to My Will.

Anne S. White

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Dayspring 157 – Psalm 98:7-9
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