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The purpose of VMTC Prayer Ministry Schools is to equip ministers and qualified lay people with the skills to provide healing and support to individuals who have been impacted by challenging relationships or past circumstances. During the three-day School, participants experience personal liberation from their own obstacles and limitations, enabling them to effectively tap into Jesus’ authority over sin and the influence of Satan in the lives of others. It is important to note that our approach is not to be mistaken for psychological counseling or therapy. Instead, we employ a compassionate, attentive, and faith-driven prayer ministry that empowers individuals to experience freedom. The Holy Spirit works through our trained VMTC Prayer Ministers, who consistently minister in pairs, to bestow supernatural gifts such as wisdom, knowledge, discernment, faith, and healing upon those seeking help.

Who Should Attend?
Ordained Ministers and well qualified, stable, mature, lay people and spouses are encouraged to attend.

Those attending must be willing to first be healed themselves. This is NOT a “Rehabilitation Center”, but rather a “Training School” for those called by God to help heal others. Trainees must attend at least 3 Schools before being given recognition as VMTC Prayer Ministers.

What Is Taught?
Those attending are taught through scripture and practical application how to be the Lord’s chosen instrument for HIS Victorious Ministry to the broken and sin-sick world about us!

Continuing Education Credit is available for Clergy (2.1 – 2.5 CEUs).

Who Needs Prayer Ministry?
All of us are victims of the sins of others; whether during childhood, the recent past, or part of the marriage relationship. We also suffer from our own sins, many of which we cannot identify. And, of course, the very real attacks of Satan, especially through past or present occult involvements.

Those attending a School should first receive a VMTC Prayer Ministry Session and submit a Registration Form.

Please Contact Us or any available VMTC representative to arrange for a Ministry Session.

Attendance and Cost
Attendance at all teaching and training sessions during the 3 day School is required in order to receive credit for successful completion.

Registration fees vary depending on location. Please contact Bill Westlund or the local coordinator for registration fees and other information.

Registration and tuition fees cover all school materials, and room and board, unless otherwise noted.