Jesus All in All


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Fast-moving, clear, Biblical truth made plain. Anne S. White makes all of us claiming to be Christians examine again just how committed to Christ we are. In our everyday living, if we choose to walk with Christ Jesus, letting Him live His life in our bodies in Total Commitment to Him, we are going to experience what He experienced – attack after attack from the same enemy who attacked Him! We must learn to recognize who is attacking – not people – but the same unseen enemy who uses people to fulfill his evil plans.

This common enemy afflicts people in their minds, emotions, spirits, and bodies. The actions and responses of people must be recognized for what they are, and the Christian response must be against the real enemy, not the person. When Jesus is our “All in all” we will experience the gifts of the Holy Spirit being used in us to bring others the healing and wholeness of His life – meeting our needs, needs that often find no adequate human healing. The Saviour truly saves!

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