Trial by Fire


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We are living in a time where Christians enjoy basking in the light of the “Son” without acknowledging that the darkness is sin, not “Son tan.” We enjoy praising the Lord, receiving His blessings, and openly sharing His love. We avoid having to make any significant changes in our lives or accepting responsibility for living a radically new and unique lifestyle.

TRIAL BY FIRE calls Christians to identify, realistically, their inadequacies and failures; to quickly give up and get on with being a part of the solution rather than continuing to be a part of the problem. This book is not written for those who are contented basking in “Son-light”. This book is for Christians who are willing to be refined over and over again through “trials by fire.” (From the Forward by Rev. William W. Westlund.)

A companion book, “Study Adventure in Trial by Fire” is also available which offers valuable guidelines for a deeper and richer study and reading of the book.

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